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Iconography of Early American Tools

Hand Tools of the Industrial Revolution

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The Archaeology of Tools

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Adze, carpenter's
Adze, gutter
Angle divider
Apron, carpenter's
Apron, nail
Awl, scratch
Bar, wrecking
Boring tool, angular borer
Boring tool, auger handle
Boring tool, bit
Boring tool, bit brace
Boring tool, bit extension
Boring tool, boring machine
Boring tool, breast drill
Boring tool, nut auger
Boring tool, sill borer
Chalk line
Chalk line reel
Chalk line spool
Chisel, corner
Chisel, floor
Chisel, framing
Chisel, mortising
Chisel, ripping
Chisel, wrecking
Chisel grinder
Chisel handle
Clamp, bar
Clamp, flooring
Clamp, pipe
Clapboard gauge
Clapboard gauge, wooden
Clapboard marker
Compass, pencil
Drawing knife, carpenters'
Drawing knife, folding handle
File, taper
File handle
Floor jack
Gouge, framing
Hammer, nail
Hammer, nail heading
Hammer, ripping
Hatchet, broad
Hatchet, shingling
Level, carpenters'
Level, line
Mallet, chisel
Marking gauge
Nail puller
nail set
Pencil, carpenters'
Pincers, carpenters'
Pitch adjuster
Plane, bench
Plane, block
Plane, floor
Plane, furring
Plane, gutter
Plane, match
Plane, rabbet
Plane, scrub
Plumb bob
Ripper, carpenters' staging
Ripper, slaters'
Saw, docking
Saw, hand
Saw filing guide
Saw jointer
Saw set
Screw driver
Slick, carpenters'
Sliding T Bevel
Spoke shave
Square, protractor
Square, steel
Square, try
Tool case, carpenters'
Tool chest, carpenters'
Vise, saw